5 Steps to Booking Your Wedding Photographer

You want beautiful photographs of your wedding day, most importantly:


- To show and remember the love you share

- Photos of all of your family and friends there to celebrate with you

- All the details you chose, and the unplanned ones, too.


Are we the photographers you trust to best tell your wedding story?


Follow the steps below for things to consider and see what you can expect from working with us!

#1: Do You Like the Feeling and Colors of our Photography?

We love showing natural, vibrant colors and gorgeous black and whites.


Our editing is classic, timeless & flattering; no gimmicky or trendy color filters used here.


We mainly focus on genuine, candid moments.


We strongly believe that your wedding should not feel like a photo shoot, but the celebration that it is. That being said... read on!


Of course we orchestrate posed photographs if you want them; our family portraits are quick and even our posed couple portraits are infused with candid & meaningful moments.

Colorful Paper Cranes

#2: Consider What's Most Important to You

- Is it a seamless, professional experience?

- High-quality, beautiful & emotional photographs?

- A photographer who will make sure to photograph every little detail and all your guests?

- Do you want gorgeous, quality products, reminding you of this wonderful day?


If any of the above is important to you, and we think all of the above is essential to the best photography experience, definitely continue to step 3.

#3: Let's Talk!

After you fill in our contact form, Julie will be calling you within 1 hour to 2 business days.


If you prefer, she will be in touch by e-mail.


We'll talk more about your wedding, how much coverage you'll need, and make sure we're the right fit for each other.


We are located on California's central coast and are traveling all around the west coast for the spring and summer of 2019.


We photograph all CA weddings at no additional travel fee.


We'd love to hear where you are and all that you have planned!

Engagement photo taken in front of the Flatirons in Boulder, CO.

#4: If You Decide We're the One for You...

After speaking, you'll soon receive your online contract and invoice. It's all fast and easy. Sign, pay half the deposit to book your date, and you're all ours!

They are both facing the camera and candidly smiling.

#5: Endless Gratitude

This one goes both ways. We are thankful you chose us, and you will feel at ease and excited as we take care of you up until, during, and after your wedding.


Let us show you the joy and relaxation of working with experienced professionals who love what they do.


Contact us to get the process of booking your wedding photographer started!