Hey there. I’m Julie Hanna Laflamme. Photography has always been my creative calling and it's really what I do best in this world, though I am working on leveling up to it with some other, er, important and less important but fun things, including but not limited to:

Cooking: I love love loveeeee just throwing things together and then figuring out what I'm making, and adding garlic to almost anything. I also have recipes I work on perfecting, and my current favorites are mashed cauliflower, zucchini + cheese enchiladas, and any veggies laying around getting tossed in to a soup.


Sewing: I make cute little drawstring bags called Bags o' Mojo and am still working out the best usage for them, but they look dope. I hope to be making some clothes soon, starting with flowy pants and skirts.


Outdoor wanderings: I love playing on beaches and hiking... Something I enjoy rather than being a true, avid hiker, as explained during our first Adventure Wedding. I was an athlete in my early life, with soccer, track, and cross-country being my jam. I also did aerial silks for a few years when I lived in Oakland.


Speaking of wanderings... Before settling down in our quaint town of Point Arena, we spent two full years living and traveling in our RV. We spent summers on the coast between California and Washington and winters in the desert of Arizona and very southern Cali. We did one cross country trip all the way to New York and back. Montana was our favorite (besides the entire west coast, of course).


Being a mom: Almost 4 years vs. a solid 16 years of practicing photography... yeah, I'll always need to level up here.

My husband, Maurice, a professional fine artist (acrylic & spray paint mostly, though he does a mean chalk pastel too), showed a huge interest in photography early on in our relationship, and after drawing him an ISO/aperture/shutter speed chart and years of practice, he was finally good enough to be my second shooter (; He's been shooting weddings alongside me since 2014. We work side by side on a daily basis (him on art, me on all things photography) while raising our daughter.


Together we've lived in San Francisco and Oakland, Mendocino, Trabuco Canyon, Grass Valley, and oh, the 200+ places we parked and slept while on the road. We are so happy to now call Point Arena our home.

Maurice knew when we met that he wanted to marry me. I needed a few years to make up my mind... Luckily he thought I was worth the wait. We got married on Big River in Mendocino in February of 2015. Originally planning a big ol' campout style wedding, we scraped that when we realized we didn't want to plan everything, and had our closest family join us for our elopement instead. Los Gallitos brought out their taco cart and we enjoy dinner and champagne on the coast in Fort Bragg, and took a few photos on the bluffs there, which is where we are in the photo above.


One more important thing... I LOVE purple and Maurice loves all the colors; his answer to favorite color is "rainbow."

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