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You're a laid-back couple wanting a romantic desert wedding. I'll help you plan and photograph all the love.

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you want to get married and:

ELOPING IS THE WAY TO AN authentic & incredibly meaningful wedding celebration.

What is an


An elopement is a small, intimate wedding where you create your own rules for how you want to be married.

Eloping is for you if:

Where's the best spot for you to elope in Joshua Tree?

"Looking through the pictures always brings back the feeling of that day, the love of our friends and some very magical moments."

We knew we were creating a non-traditional/casual wedding so we really wanted to find a photographer who got it and would capture the feeling while also being a part of it.

Julie was so great and fit right in to the flow of our wedding! She was able to get up close and personal, capturing amazing moments all while remaining virtually invisible. The way she worked with us individually was super fun and loving. Instead of feeling pressured and on-the-spot, we really felt like we could just be ourselves.

The pictures are BEAUTIFUL! Julie captured it perfectly. It seemed like she was always in the right place at the right time to snap a magical moment. Looking through the pictures always brings back the feeling of that day, the love of our friends and some very magical moments.

Matthew & Stephany

Picture this:

The sun is low in the sky and the quiet is all encompassing.

Or, maybe the high desert's wild roaring winds surround you.

Your overwhelmingly filled with joy as you hold your partner's hand.

You exchange vows; the desert and a small crew to witness and celebrate.

ELOPING BY YOURSELVES, OR WITH A SMALL crew, GIVES YOU TIME TO be relaxed and fully enjoying each moment.

You are free to celebrate your wedding in your own way.

What will you do?


A glorious sunrise hike that you'll always remember
Gloriously sleeping in with breakfast-in-bed.


Exploring Joshua Tree all day long
Relaxing most of the day with romantic meals and hot tubs included.


Having dinner and a renegade party in Pioneertown
Enjoying a quiet, gourmet feast at your AirBNB.

Let’s make it the wedding of your dreams that you may have never dreamed of.

"The love and energy of our wedding literally lives in the vibrant photographs we have - both in frames and in our album."

From the jump, I was worried about finding a wedding photographer because, well, we didn’t want our photography to look like “wedding photography” – or at least the stereotype I have of the industry in my mind. We didn’t want staged photos with bridesmaids and groomsmen (we weren’t having any, and we didn’t want much of anything feeling too staged). We didn’t want anything to feel rehearsed or cheesy.

When we found Julie and connected with her, all of our anxiety about finding the right photographer was gone. Laid back, but professional. Her photos we saw were gorgeous, but lacking the pretense we wanted to avoid. Most of all, we felt like she heard what we were looking for, really got to know us and our story, and connected to what was important to us. After the initial conversation, I knew this was the artist we wanted to help us remember our wedding.

We felt totally at ease throughout the process with Julie. She was a great communicator leading up to our wedding, and on our wedding day, it felt like she was a guest with a camera … exactly as we wanted it to feel. She was easy to be around. Julie captured the “feel” of our wedding with amazing photos, yet we didn’t have to take time away from the actual celebrating to stage photos. She was a part of it with us, all the while documenting everything that made our day really special.

The love and energy of our wedding literally lives in the vibrant photographs we have – both in frames and in our album. Julie specifically captured the interactions with guests, the beauty of the setting, and the love of our family, and looking at the photos brings great joy to us.

Lindsay & Patrick

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I'll help you get married in your own intentional and genuine way.

There are no rules when it comes to your own wedding, and I support you in this all the way.

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