intimate weddings & elopements

When you focus on the beauty of it all, weddings are pure love and fun.


My cheeks often hurt at the end of a wedding day... there's just so much joy that I can't stop smiling.

Art + Connection

What do you want out of your wedding?


I've found that all of my clients are wanting to feel relaxed, confident and connected, and to get some beautiful art to always hold those memories.

Close up of Julie shooting straight at the camera.

what's it like to work with me?

How you feel on your wedding day is 100% the most important thing to me.


Almost every couple I work with generally feels awkward in front of a camera, and I know how to guarantee that won't be an issue in the following ways -

Guided Prompts

"Give her 5 kisses, anywhere but on the lips."


A simple prompt like that immediately gets you focused on each other, unworried about how you look, and sometimes it gets silly, too.


No one wants to "pose" at their wedding but everyone wants to feel confident, connected and in love and look amazing doing it... but we also have no idea what to do with our hands sometimes. I get it. I totally get it, and I will tell you exactly what to do if I see that you're unsure. And once we have you comfortable, I'll use a guided prompt to evoke a true, joyous laugh, because fake smiles are not what we're about.

Woman with her head back laughing next to her husband.

Timeline + Planning Assistance

I know and love weddings more than you do, though you're welcome to prove me wrong.


Otherwise, I know how long we need for various elements of your wedding day, though I'm also with a "go-with-the-flow" mentality for all the moments in between. Your wedding shouldn't be stressful or feel rushed. It should truly be open for all the excitement and surprises, but also of course there is a general timeline to keep, and I'm your person for all of that.

What is an elopement?

Elopements are for couples who want a fun and intimate wedding, guaranteed.


Elopements make the most of the ENTIRE wedding day without the pressure and stress of a 'normal' wedding.

Why Elope in 2020?

Gathering sizes are limited, and you "JUST WANT TO GET MARRIED, but can't it still be beautiful and special??"


Ooooh yes, and even more so than you've imagined.

Elopement at sunset in front of a Joshua Tree.

What does an Elopement Look Like?

Just like the foundation of any wedding, an elopement involves staring in to your partner's eyes and committing your love to them.

Now, imagine doing that while standing in a place uniquely special to you, such as:


- your favorite beach

- your favorite local trail

- a place you've always wanted to go (is it Joshua Tree National Park?)

- under a Live Oak in your aunt's backyard


What if you could take that moment and expand the fun & joy to a full entire day?

Your day long elopement includes any amount of activity, leisure, hiking, site-seeing, relaxing, gourmet eating or In-N-Out-ing that you wish....

Two women in an embrace at the beach on their wedding day.
Woman with her head back laughing next to her husband.
Groom and Bride look in to each others eyes.

An example of a full day elopement timeline:

The Ultimate Laidback Joshua Tree Elopement

Night Before

- Campfire at our airbnb



Day of Wedding

9:00 am - Wake up and get in a outdoor tub with coffee & fruit


9:45 am - Massages in your room // Private chef gets to work


11:15 am - Eat the gourmet breakfast in your robes?


12:00 pm - Smoke a bowl and then shower together?


12:45 pm - Have someone do your hair and make up? Get a shave in your room? Do your own shit?


2:00 pm - Chillin, Get dressed together, Have a yummy snack


3:00 pm - Drive (get driven) to Joshua Tree National Park or Mon Petit Mojave


4:30 ish - Vows in JTNP or MPM


4:45 pm - Read letters from family on blanket… with champagne or sparkling cider


5:34 pm - SUNSET // pretty photos


6:30/7 pm - Dinner + Dancing with live music at Pappy & Harriet's

Next Day

- See some local art spots, walk labyrinth, local shops, cowboy saloon in town, ...


- Dinner, drinks, snacks + DJ // ALL NIGHT long with FRIENDS (depending on current Pandemic guidelines) on private property/air bnb we're staying at?



Next Next Day

- Pancake breakfast + coffee at dawn and a slow roll out for everyone


- Lunch at local burger joint or pho depending on the weather


- Maybe go to the drive-in theatre


- Just CHILL in air bnb for rest of the afternoon/evening


- Order in pizza... movies (pick out some funny wedding themed ones?) and jacuzzi the night away

A couple smiling at each other in front of a lake.
Small wedding ceremony overlooking epic landscape with sun streaming through clouds.
Bride and groom in pine trees.

How to Start Planning Your Elopement During the covid-19 Pandemic

Talk to your fiancé(e) & imagine the possibilities:

1. What are your favorite things to do together?


2. What have you always wanted to do as a couple?


3. What do you truly enjoy the most when it comes to


- fun

- food & drinks

- relaxation

- a beautiful day


4. Of course consider if you need to stay local or can safely travel somewhere.


The possibilities are endless.

And it doesn't have to be THE ULTIMATE BUCKET-LIST of adventures; make it something you enjoy and it's going to be epic.

Need more guidance?

Not only can I photograph your entire amazing day, but I'll help you plan the whole thing, too.

Bride with purple shawl and groom hold each other with guitar playing in background.
A couple kissing in front of a Joshua Tree silohuette.
High on a rocky orange peak stand the bride and groom against a bright blue and cloudy sky.

- Preserving your memories in beautiful photographs -

Julie shooting at a wedding.

Shooting candidly is my biggest passion in photography.


I live for preserving your wedding as an authentic, love-filled celebration by quietly recording all those sweet, funny and profound moments in timeless photographs.

Your wedding day deserves to be special, no matter how you choose to celebrate.

- We'll have a wonderful time all day long -

Sierra County, CA / Sierra City elopement

They understood our vision and made it come to life beyond our expectations. That day was perfect, and these photos capture every part of it and more.


- Alison & Martin

Orange County, CA / San Juan Capistrano Wedding

You guys were amazing and I felt so comfortable and taken care of by you.


- Katy & Nate

Orange County, CA / Laguna Beach Engagement

You did an awesome job capturing our love for one another and our playful relationship.



- Lizzy & Chris

Ready to book your photographer, feel relaxed & confident, and get help planning? Questions?

Mojave desert based elopement & wedding photographer Julie Laflamme lives 15 minutes from the entrance to Joshua Tree National Park in California. She also works all over Northern California, across the U.S.A, and worldwide.