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Hello! Do you kind of hate weddings?

My name is Julie Hanna Laflamme and I'm a wedding photographer for people who kind of hate weddings.


My job is not to convince you that weddings are amazing, but as someone who tried to downplay her own wedding, I experienced first hand the transformative and sparkly moment where I realized, "ah, THIS is what makes weddings so special."


And THIS is what my jobs consists of...


This is the moment you full on lovingly (and you know, legally or whatever), say, "yes, let's always be honest with each other and do our best in this relationship." I know you're already doing that... but just wait until you experience the magic. I'm serious.


This is you being ready to go with the flow and being anywhere on the spectrum of feeling like "whatever," to very nervous, to way super excited about your wedding day.

Bride crying during ceremony.

This is me being ready to help make sure you celebrate the way you want, and that all those sweet, funny and profound moments are always remembered in photographs.

So, How Do I Approach Weddings?

It's simple, really.


While you enjoy each other, your family and friends,


I work behind the scenes to find things like:



Brightly colored paper cranes.
Bride with purple shawl and groom hold each other with guitar playing in background.
  • the magical light
  • the beautiful things you picked out and/or labored over to spice up your celebration
  • your guests enjoying your wedding
  • the big ol' teary hug from your mama
Black and white photo of guests enjoying the reception from their seats.
Grandma and bride laughing together.
Bride in flower headdress hugs her mom with a tear in her eye.

And when the time is right (and it will be, because I will help you create the perfect, stress-free timeline)...

I will create a quiet time with you and your beloved to make beautiful, meaningful portraits.

Even and especially if you hate having your photograph taken, I will make sure you're focused on each other and not feeling like you're in a photoshoot, because photoshoots are awkward to everyone except full-time models and full-time extroverts, and I know that's not most of us... but we still want to look and feel our best, and I will help make sure that happens.

Two women in an embrace at the beach on their wedding day.
Woman with her head back laughing next to her husband.
Bride and groom smiling at each other.
Groom and Bride look in to each others eyes.

Obviously we love a casual, laid-back wedding; we've been at picnic weddings and a non-tradtional, elegant wedding that served pizza.

But we are always so down for a killer dance party.

Weddings that are chill AND people are ready to dance? Oh yeah, they're out there, and we're lucky enough for a lot of them to find us.


P.S. Sometimes I talk in plural form "we" and "us" because my husband shoots with me.

Wedding band performing.
Groom getting down on the dancefloor surrounded by friends.
Girl in blue gloves on dance floor with gentleman in top hat.
Groomsmen drinking a beer and holding up a churro with colorful laser lights behind him.
Non-traditional wedding dress getting spun around on the dance floor by the bride at a very colorful wedding.
Bride and groom during first dance as guests watch.
A man's kippah is about to fly off his head while he dances with the groom.
Bride in headdress and groom in top hat getting down on the dance floor.

See what some of my past clients have to say about all of this...

San Juan Capistrano Wedding

You guys were amazing and I felt so comfortable and taken care of by you.


- Katy & Nate

Sierra City Wedding

They understood our vision and made it come to life beyond our expectations. That day was perfect, and these photos capture every part of it and more.


- Alison & Martin

Laguna Beach Engagement Session

You did an awesome job capturing our love for one another and our playful relationship.


- Lizzy & Chris

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