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Let's plan and document your non-traditional, love-centered
wedding. Read on, and you'll find starting pricing info, too.

A non-traditional wedding?

You want to get married in a way that Feels comfortable and natural to you and your relationship.

You do most things in your own way and you’re happiest when you’re able to have close, meaningful connections.

Do what makes you happiest.

You don’t have to worry about spending time and money to please everyone else, and instead experience the full magic of your wedding day.

You’re weirded out by awkwardly forced and overly posed photographs.

Yep, me too. How you feel on your wedding day is 100% the most important thing to me.

Almost every couple I work with generally feels awkward in front of a camera, and I can guarantee that won’t be a problem. We’re not just taking photos; you’re actually having fun, laughing together, and focused on each other.

And I am adamant in my work that your wedding is not a photo shoot… it’s all about the love and celebrations.

When you focus on just your experience with each other, your wedding can be:

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She’s professional and warm and easy to have a rapport with, which is important on your wedding day!

Julie went above and beyond a typical photographer. Not only was she amazing on our wedding day, but also leading up to it she was very helpful. We had lots of questions about how it all works and she answered quickly and thoroughly. She’s professional and warm and easy to have a rapport with, which is important on your wedding day! She made us very comfortable and had some great ideas for unique shots. Would definitely recommend Julie Laflamme!

Cari & Mario

Pricing Info

Custom Multi-Day Wedding or Elopement Celebrations in and around Joshua Tree

What you get:

multi-day Packages starting at $4900
(2 payments of $2450)

1 Full Day of Wedding or Elopement Celebrations in and around Joshua Tree

What you get:

One day Packages starting at $3900
(2 payments of $1950)

2 to 4 Hour Elopement

What you get:

Elopement Packages starting at $2900
(2 payments of $1450)


My partner and I (and the rest of our families!) are very camera shy and Julie made us feel very comfortable and special throughout the day.

“I highly recommend Julie! She made all the planning very easy and was in fast-communication all the way up to the day of the event.  I appreciated that she checked-in to make sure all our photography requests were honored. My partner and I (and the rest of our families!) are very camera shy and Julie made us feel very comfortable and special throughout the day. She was detailed oriented and so thoughtful in the directions she gave us. Julie has a lovely presence and vibe and we felt so honored she was there to capture our wedding moments. ”

Meg & ROy

How does this work?

Ready to start planning your wedding and get “photographer” checked off your list?

A. Let's talk

1. Tell me a little about yourself right on my contact page.

2. You’ll get a personal e-mail reply within 24 hours, including a link to schedule a phone call with me.

B. Book me

3. We’ll talk, get to know each other a little bit, and start dreaming up your wedding or elopement.

4. Sign your online contract, pay the retainer, and it’s official: I’m all yours!

C. All about you

5. Fill in my online questionnaire about all the things you and your fiancé(e) most enjoy.

6. From this, we will create & plan your perfect wedding day.

D. The plan

7. Your wedding day timeline will have the plan and all the details for your most perfect, laid-back, awesome ceremony + celebration.


I have answers.


Spring is when the desert is most lush and you can find green grasses and the most beautiful blooms. There’s chances of rain, storms, and all the wind you can imagine. But there’s no denying the extra beauty that’s brought to the desert between March and May each year.


Best part about a summer Joshua Tree wedding: You’ll have the most popular of locations practically to yourself.

Maybe not so great part: It’s hot. Yep, it really is. 105-110 is typical. 114+ is when it gets extreme. But! It’s a dry heat, and it really does make a difference. I’d take 100+ degree dry heat over 80 degree humid heat any day.

Even the nighttime can be hot, but a warm, early morning ceremony right at sunrise is something you’ll never forget. Then you’ll want to be mostly indoors for the rest of the day, which is perfect for lounging around in a desert airbnb. AC is a must; a pool is a huge bonus. And sunrise is when you might just be able to take a dip in that hot tub.


This time of year is always beautiful and somewhat unpredictable. There’s the chance for extra cold mornings and nights, and a light rain to a heavy downpour (it’s not often, but it certainly happens!) And really, it gets colder out here than you think!

This isn’t just a desert; it’s the HIGH desert, so there’s also a chance of very strong winds during any season. They can be pretty biting cold or hot as the summer day, but are epic in their own right… just be prepared and ok with this.

Short answer: Yes!

Long answer: Joshua Tree is a small town nestled between Twentynine Palms and Yucca Valley. I live on 3.5 acres in a remote area of Twentynine Palms. The east (and less busy) entrance to JTNP is here and just 25 minutes from my front door.

Yes, for every single image I deliver to you, you get a naturally edited, vibrant photograph that is true-to-color, with good contrast and no trendy filters.

When a specific photo calls for it, I will convert it to a beautifully toned black and white.

Occasionally I will bring an image into Photoshop for head swaps (like, if someone is blinking, I will essentially copy and paste their head from a similar photo).

For my fellow photo nerds that are wondering, I do all of my editing in Lightroom, besides the Photoshopping mentioned above. I use Photo Mechanic to cull!

You will receive 30-50 edited photos per hour of coverage, and usually more than that.

All of your photos will beautifully tell the story of the day you got married, including scenic photos of the desert and flora and whatever magic the sun and/or clouds were up to that day.

In photos of you, if I can’t discern the absolute best expression, I will include a variety so you can pick which photo of yourself that you love most.

For sure. I have an ever-evolving, updated list of local businesses and vendors.

Once we’ve agreed to work together with a signed contract and paid retainer, my research and knowledge will be all yours!