Engagement Adventure in Joaquin Miller Park, Oakland CA

Had the pleasure of meeting Julia and Phil in early October. They were on the hunt for a wedding photographer, and after meeting with them over coffee and tea, we all knew right away that we wanted to work together. I was drawn to their want of a simple celebration, with their focus on having their closest loved ones with them to celebrate. Phil didn’t know how much he cared about wedding photography until he started looking around, he told me. He was not excited to come across photography website after website where he saw random elbows jutting in to the side of an image, awkward poses, and worst of all, the tilted camera angle for that “artsy” effect. It was immediately apparent that Phil and I share similar tastes in photo composition and cropping, and it really felt great to have another client who appreciates the way I see through a camera. We gave a cheers to seal the deal, and went out two weeks later to have an adventure and get some lovely photos for the celebration of their engagement! Her non-traditional, sentimental sapphire engagement ring falls right with my view of this symbolic Wedding Fundamental.



- Julie

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