Golden Gate Park Engagement Session for Kati & Daniel

The engaged couple are laughing with each other in front of the Chinese Pavilion at Stow Lake.


We met in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco for what Kati and Daniel were hoping to be not the most awkward experience ever as we did their engagement photography. I assured them that I understood; that I, too, find it awkward to be in front of a camera, but that we were going to make it fun and help them forget that they had two photographers following their every move. So we jumped (really, we jumped) right in and had lots of fun getting them to relax as we photographed their natural, authentic, real smiles and affection toward each other.


Maurice got a shot of me prompting them for the next image; they were talking about their first date.


Some parts of that date (which was in Golden Gate Park ten years ago!) went well…


And they had some nice memories…


But not all of it was perfect or void of her thinking “hmmm this guy might be creepy and I’m not going to let him walk me home just yet…” Hahaha.


But luckily there was a second date and they slowly got to really know and love each other.


…just like these love birds.


I was teaching them some of my favorite dance moves and they nailed it.


I always aim to get at least one “straight-forward,” looking at the camera and smiling photo (because otherwise we are focusing on getting the opposite / wanting them interacting with each other more than with us… and this is one of my favorites I’ve EVER taken, because you can tell they are still relaxed and having fun, even though I asked them to look at me. No awkward smiles here! That background too (;


Being super sweet.


And they saved the best kiss for last. Fun side note: they told us they are never super affectionate in front of people and that we were seeing them kiss more than any of their friends. I love that out cameras give us a chance to get to share these special moments and really witness love up close and personal.


An e-mail from Kati after our session sums it all up perfectly:

I just wanted to say a quick hello and thank you again for such an enjoyable engagement shoot on Saturday! We were pretty nervous going into it, having never been photographed like that before, but we had a lot of fun. We are very much looking forward to sharing our wedding day with you guys.

Thank you for sharing a special part of your lives with us, Kati and Daniel. We’ll see you in Sonoma in May!!

- Julie

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