A Colorful Nevada City Wedding at Harmony Ridge Lodge | Allie & Lee

Abstract and out of focus greenery and pink flowers frame the bride and groom sitting and laughing at their sweetheart table.

This wedding was very highly anticipated for several reasons, the main one being that I hadn’t spoken a single word with the bride or groom until I met them on their wedding day. Not one e-mail, text, and no phone calls. They are both very busy individuals (Allie is in her second year of med school), and live up in Washington, and so Allie’s incredible mother Karen took on the task of coordinating all of the wedding vendors and logistics. Allie and Lee had seen our portfolio and loved our work, and that was enough for them. Karen kept me updated and sent me photos of the two of them together. I could tell we were the perfect match without even speaking with them. The wedding came and here’s how it unfolded…

A large group of their friends stayed at the Inntown Campground and rented out a whole row of glamping tents. They decorated the area and got to enjoy the whole weekend together.

Decorated glamping tent for the wedding weekend.Trees towering above at the campground.A row of Cabins at the Inn Town Campground.

Allie was a little unsure if she wanted “getting ready” photos. Like a lot of our clients, she had no desire for posed photos and didn’t know if she saw value in having these photographs before the ceremony. Luckily they let me in and I was able to get some really sweet pre-wedding smiles of her and her mother.

Bride laughing with her mother while getting ready for the wedding.

I love the way her rose tattoo is showed off with the backdrop of her shoes and wedding dress.

A rose tattoo is on the elbow of the bride as she buckles her blue wedding shoes.

THIS IS THEIR “FIRST LOOK.” Again, they didn’t want anything posed. They didn’t need a grand walk and shoulder tap. She was in the room and he walked in (and other people were around doing their thing), they smiled at each other and it was love.

Bride and groom are seeing each other for the first time.

Then her dad arrived and they got to share a moment as well.

Bride seeing her father on her wedding day.Bride and father-daughter smiling at each other as he enters the room and sees her for the first time.

They BARELY wanted any semblance of posed photos together but we were able to get them alone for about 30 seconds and get them genuinely smiling with each other.

Bride and groom laughing in the trees.

Before the ceremony, they did a GROUP TEQUILA SHOT with their closest family and friends. And it was awesome.

Bride and groom toasting with their family while doing a shot of tequila before their wedding ceremony.

The ceremony was super sweet.

Bride and groom during their wedding ceremony under a white canopy and beautiful wood trellis.mojoweddings_harmonyridgelodge_13mojoweddings_harmonyridgelodge_14

They read their vows together, which is another awesome new wedding tradition I’ve been seeing at our clients’weddings.


This portrait is another one of the 30 seconds we got them alone. I’m so happy we could get this photo under Harmony Ridge Lodge’s iconic pergola, right where the wedding ceremony took place.


The groom’s dragon wedding ring.


The bride’s lovely bouquet made by her cousin.


Just a kid doing kid things.


Super colorful table scape of gorgeous flowers, mismatched vintage glassware and plates, and golden utensils. Painted branches and pinecones added another colorful touch of nature to the scenery.


The peaches acted as an edible, colorful name card, and I heard they were perfectly ripe and delicious.


I love these overhead table shots.


The bride and groom sharing sweet smiles during dinner.


I just LOVE this photo because it shows off this dish by Emily’s Catering & Cakes with the bride and groom perfectly blurred out in the background.


Sometimes we get epic photos of each other while on the job. Below is Maurice…


and here’s me shooting during a toast.


An amazing set of toasts in an all around gorgeous setting.


Father of the bride doing the official toast!


A sweet gesture between wives.


Couldn’t get enough of these colorful centerpieces.


Time to get down!!


The dance floor is all about off camera flash, happy guests, and dancing photographers (;


A surprise first dance. They really hadn’t planned on doing one but I think they actually enjoyed it.


I like this image as an end frame. It shows the various “goings-ons” at the reception while also showing off the dancing/sitting area and lighting at Harmony Ridge Lodge. This area is actually in front of the venue and in the parking lot, but it completely transforms at night and is a gorgeous setting for a party.


- Julie

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