Natoma Cabana SF Wedding Reception

The Natoma Cabana in San Francisco sits in an alleyway off 2nd St. between Howard and Mission. The exterior is the the black and white graffiti art on brick pictured above. Just behind it is the beautiful new Transbay Transit Center. Inside, tropical inspiration sets the tone, but one of the best features about this venue is its location at the end of the Natoma St. alleyway. At this particular wedding reception, the bride and groom were able to have a food truck, photobooth van, and donut delivery van all set up in the street right in front of the building. Inside the bar was dark and moody which was perfect for amazing looking drinks and a little dancing. The DJ was set up in the loft above. Outside was a perfect space for hanging out, drinking and enjoying the food truck. I love how being encompassed by the large city made it feel so spacious while staying private.

This was the wedding reception for Kristen and Evan, who were married at San Francisco City Hall the day before. There was no grand entrance scheduled. No toasts. No first dance and no cake to cut (besides the birthday cake they got for their friend). No posed portraits were required… just fun shmoozing and hanging and drinking and playing “BIG CONTAINER. BIG CONTAINER.” It’s a chant and an action. You find the biggest container you can find, fill it with beer, and make your family drink it until it’s gone. Simple in theory. Hilarious in reality. Scroll down to see some of the shenanigans.

It was a super fun and chill evening and “just the right vibe” as Kristen said to me. It was lovely to witness another sweet couple have fun with some of the people that matter most to them. It’s always a blessing to be able to celebrate.

Thanks to:

  • Kristen & Evan for being rad & kind people
  • Venue: Natoma Cabana, SF
  • Planner: Events by Erika | Erika Cardona
  • DJ: Cage and Aquarium
  • Food Truck: Jack Rabbit Kitchen
  • Photobooth: Vintage Fiesta
  • Donut delivery: Johnny Doughnuts
  • Photography: Mojo Weddings


- Julie

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