Ru’s Farm Wedding – Healdsburg, CA

I know it’s a match made in heaven when a wedding referral goes like this: She wants a photographer, but not a “wedding photographer,” lol, her words. But I know what she means. I thought of you- that you could be a good fit.”

She had me with that introduction and luckily after speaking on the phone for the first time, the bride also thought we were a perfect match. When it came to their wedding, Lindsay and Patrick wanted what mattered most: a relaxed day with plenty of time to enjoy all their friends and family and a sacred ceremony with plenty of comic relief. Again, as per usual with us, they wanted not just mostly, but entirely candid photos. Nothing posed. They didn’t feel the need to have photos of them smiling straight at the camera. They also didn’t want to be yanked away from hanging with their guests to go get the “perfect” sunset photo. And it had nothing to do with being camera shy… As the head coach of Cal Women’s Basketball, Lindsay Gottlieb is no stranger to having a camera in her face. They just wanted honest photographs of their celebration and their loved ones connecting with each other, and we were so happy to do that for them.

Lindsay wore a yellow / gold dress and her “something blue” / “something borrowed” came in the form of a sapphire bracelet… I think this was also a secret way to get the Bears colors in there (; Her current basketball team was there, and they came out for a surprise choreographed dance during the middle of Lindsay and Patrick’s first dance (shown below after you see the cake)

One thing I admired about their wedding, is that they really planned it just right. They had SO much time to hang with their guests. And to DANCE with their guests. Just as the party was really getting going and people were getting down on the dance floor, I realized that this is the point where a lot of weddings end. But I checked the time and they still had two whole hours just to party, and it was AWESOME.

Off the Beaten Path Weddings ran the day so of course everything was flawless.

They loved Ru’s Farm because of the intimate nature of the venue; all the different settings (cocktail hour, ceremony, dinner, dancing in the barn, and getting ready / staying overnight cottages – one with a hot tub!!) are all very close together. Really just steps apart, connected by lush garden paths, and yet there was plenty of room for their 150+ guests. The giant tree to get married under, which overlooks an expansive vineyard, well, yeah, they have that too.I’m pretty positive Lindsay and Patrick really did have one of the most fun days of their lives and it was wonderful to witness. We are so thankful to be part of a wedding like theirs.

- Julie

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