The Airship Art Nouveau Wedding | Sebastopol, CA

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This fabulous wedding took place at a private residence in the rolling hills of Sebastopol, California. The bride and groom are blessed to have a friend who lives on this incredible property which provided the perfect setting for their “airship art nouveau,” and also brilliant, geeky-gamer themed wedding. It’s fitting that they found us through Offbeat Bride as this was one of the most “offbeat” and alternative weddings we’ve been a part of. They had a lot of unique details and I’m excited to talk about some of them below…

Note the DIY hot air balloon ornaments (aka airships) hung as decoration and lighting throughout the venue. And don’t pass too quickly by the gorgeous window-light with a Rembrandt pattern getting ready portrait of the bride.

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A teary-eyed mother of the bride hugs her daughter.

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Not just a gorgeous setting for a wedding… this is someone’s front yard!!

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A ceremonial ink pouring combining blue and red to create a purple ink, with which they each signed their new last name. They combined parts of each of their last names to create a new family name.

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After the ceremony, they took their first walk together as husband and wife through a lavender labyrinth.

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The fabulous wedding bridal party.

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The bridesmaids each made their dresses and their headpieces. The bride created her own flower crown and her pearl embellishment as well. The groomsmen, or as I liked to call them, the groomspeople, were quite dapper; top hats, canes, a lovely lady “best woman” with a parasol. So rad.

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Dancing like the goddesses of the seasons which they each represented. At first they put their hands together in a line and pretended to dance, but I told them to go in a circle and actually dance, which made them laugh and have lots of fun. The groom jumped in the middle at one point which brought even more laughter.

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These two scenes remind me of a movie. On the left, two gentlemen travellers have just arrived from the countryside and await the opening of the city gates. On the right, a fair maiden picks lemons for the evening of libations and celebrations.

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I love when we get fun, laughing and sincere, dynamic family photos.

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Too cute. The groom getting down on one knee? All his idea. I love how it turned out with her dress attached to her wrist.

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An old cowboy camp, aka Camp Moonshine, tucked away in the hills of this private Sebastopol property.

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Quartz crystals and succulents in the boutonnières, top hats, and a dragon head on this fancy cane.

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PROOF that you can serve / EAT PIZZA at your wedding and still be CLASSY AF.

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Everyone loves pizza. Pizza is the best. Serve pizza at your wedding and everyone’s happy. “Fresh and HOT…” yep. Cheap and delicious? Double yep.

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More proof of budget friendly, money saving wedding ideas that “get the job done” and make people happy: wine in a box!! They also served a special “pink drink” concoction that got everyone super spirited for the most lively and heartfelt toasts I’ve ever experienced… a lot of their friends are in to theatre and games, so really, it was just glorious. I wanted to steal every one of their friends. The guy below and on the top left? He made the cut because he is looking like a dapper badass gentleman (with a skull and crossbone tie) and what do you know, he’s eating pizza.

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A DIY moon photobooth and a handmade tiny airship instead of cake toppers.

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“Come what mayyyyyy. Come what mayyyy. IIIIII will love you, until the end, until the end of time.” They belted it out as they sang and danced and cried.

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Ok. One last “offbeat / they partied like badass rockstars on a budget” at their wedding: meet DJ iPod; not the guy looking at their playlist, but the iPod itself. And. They. Got. DOWN. See Maurice getting in there for some photos? We like jumping in circles for fun dancing shots, but we always make sure to step out and let the people dance without a camera in their face, too.

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THE best Thriller dance we’ve had the pleasure of witnessing up close and personal.

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End frame.

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- Julie

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