Phaneros Art Gallery Grand Opening | Nevada City, CA

A woman dressed in black looks at a colorful, trippy painting at the grand opening of Phaneros Art Gallery.


Last weekend Maurice and I had the pleasure of photographing the gallery grand opening for Phaneros Art at their new location at 103 Argall Way in Nevada City, CA. It was fun watching people just be completely blown away by the art.

A full gallery of the images we took this night can be seen HERE.

Current art on display by the following artists (and others!)

julielaflamme_003_170311_phaneros_opening_009 julielaflamme_004_170311_phaneros_opening_010 julielaflamme_006_170311_phaneros_opening_034 julielaflamme_007_170311_phaneros_opening_036 julielaflamme_008_170311_phaneros_opening_046 julielaflamme_011_170311_phaneros_opening_025

Below is a detail shot of Seth McMahon’s newest piece. Maurice and I stood in front of it for 10 minutes, pointing out our favorite details and new discoveries – “Oh! I just noticed THIS part!” and we could return to it (and will) to discover even more.

julielaflamme_094_170311_phaneros_opening_178 julielaflamme_023_170311_phaneros_opening_042

There were people flowing in and out all night and several hours when the gallery was just packed full of people enjoying the art and crystal shop.

julielaflamme_029_170311_phaneros_opening_052 julielaflamme_016_170311_phaneros_opening_033

Happy art gazers.

julielaflamme_030_170311_phaneros_opening_059 julielaflamme_031_170311_phaneros_opening_063 julielaflamme_044_170311_phaneros_opening_089 julielaflamme_040_170311_phaneros_opening_087

A champagne / yerba mate toast to the new gallery space.


FEELIN’ this Hannah Yata piece.

julielaflamme_059_170311_phaneros_opening_118 julielaflamme_092_170311_phaneros_opening_176 julielaflamme_060_170311_phaneros_opening_121 julielaflamme_062_170311_phaneros_opening_124 julielaflamme_064_170311_phaneros_opening_127

The gallery is connected to Crystal Junction and together they make a really beautiful open art space.

julielaflamme_120_170311_phaneros_opening_217 julielaflamme_067_170311_phaneros_opening_130 julielaflamme_068_170311_phaneros_opening_131 julielaflamme_093_170311_phaneros_opening_177 julielaflamme_069_170311_phaneros_opening_132 julielaflamme_072_170311_phaneros_opening_135 julielaflamme_076_170311_phaneros_opening_147

Little boo checking out the collection of quartz crystals.


Happy, content, and in awe…


Just like whenever we go out in Nevada City, we were in awe of all the families with kids roaming about the event.


I loved the way this father took his children around to soak in each piece of art.

julielaflamme_082_170311_phaneros_opening_156 julielaflamme_102_170311_phaneros_opening_186

After I took this photo, the gentleman on the left told me that he just took his first selfie. What a moment for me to capture (;


julielaflamme_109_170311_phaneros_opening_205 julielaflamme_121_170311_phaneros_opening_224 julielaflamme_125_170311_phaneros_opening_234 julielaflamme_130_170311_phaneros_opening_239 julielaflamme_088_170311_phaneros_opening_143

- Julie

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